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iPad Offline Access Error

Having trouble logging into your Dineplan account from your iPad?

We always recommend Google Chrome, as it supports Dineplan the best. 


Safari and Mozilla Firefox also support Dineplan. Internet Explorer is however outdated and so will not support all of Dineplan's features and upgrades - this includes many other sites who upgrade their systems.

The first thing we would recommend to try, is to make sure that you are using Google Chrome and if not, to download this by following this link: Download Google Chrome

If the above does not work you can try the below to get around the error on your iPad:


  • Go straight to https://account.dineplan.com after you receive this error and it should skip the offline setup. If this still does not work, please try the following:

  • Clear Chrome's cache on the iPad by following the instructions in the link below:



If none of the above works, please email support@dineplan.com by sending through a screenshot of the error that you are receiving and we can get our dev team to look into this further and assist you.