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Navigating the Menu Tabs

Quick guide for "where to go for what" in your Dineplan Account

The tabs down the left hand side of your Dineplan Account are used as a "main menu" to access different sections and pages of your Dineplan Account.

See a quick guide to what to find in each tab below:


Here you can find basic statistics about your reservations captured in Dineplan. You can view everything from number of bookings, covers, cancellations, no shows and averages per month and days of the week. You can also see where your bookings are coming from: online, walkins or manual.

  • For more comprehensive statistics reporting, please contact support@dineplan.com for more information on our new Reporting Platform


This is where you will spend most of your time in Dineplan. From here you will view, add and manage your reservations. You can print your reservations, add guests to your Waiting List or Queue Manager and even see the upcoming weather!



All guests added as a reservation on your account are stored here in your Guest Database. From the Guests Tab you can search for a guest and update their details, merge duplicate guests and export your guest database. You can also send out bulk SMS marketing and view your reviews.



This is the nitty gritty of your account. Here you can edit your contact details, notification settings, user accounts, edit email templates, adjust review criteria, create tags, reset your log in password and manage your app listing details. If you have the Payment Functionality activated on your account you can also set up your payment settings here.



Manage when and where guests can book in your restaurant. Manage the areas that guests can book in, your bookable times, add your tables and set your online availability settings.


NB: All settings are in real time and adjusting any of these will immediately affect your online availability and reservations. We recommend that you check with the Dineplan Support Team before adjusting any of these settings


Closed for a private function or opening reservations on a day that you are usually closed? This is where you will manage this.

Here you can create a date or time exception to close your online bookings on certain days and times for online bookings. You can also open up your restaurant for bookings on a date that you are usually closed or change your bookable times for a specific date by creating a Custom Date. Widget Day Notes can be created to highlight a specific date on the online booking calendar that you want to bring to the attention of guests trying to book.


Here you can access our online Knowledge Base. This is where you can quickly find all of the answers to your questions as well as tips and guides from our Dineplan Experts on our Support Team to make the most out of your Dineplan Account.



This will log you out of your account. You will need to log back in to access your account.


TIP: For reservation staff who are using Dineplan constantly for managing reservations, it is best to set up a user account for them that has limited permissions and then to leave this account logged in, so that they can simply open Dineplan through the bookmark without having to log in to quickly access and manage your bookings. When logged in with a user account that has admin permissions, it is recommended to always log out when you are leaving your computer to prevent someone else having access who does not have permission.


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