Reserve with Google Integration & Partnership

Allow guests to book directly from their Google search

A first for the South African hospitality industry. Dineplan is the only reservation platform in South Africa with a Reserve with Google partnership.


Allow your guests to book instantly at your restaurant wherever they find you on any of Google services - Google Search, Google Maps or Google Assistant. Reserve with Google pulls in your Dineplan availability and reservations go directly into your Dineplan dashboard.

Your Google Business Page will be automatically linked to your Dineplan account if:

  • your page is set to Google’s Food and Drinks category (or any category that allows reservations incl. Winery)

  • and your online reservations are active

  • you have no active payment templates

Bear in mind that:

  • bookings are only available 30 days ahead

  • payments and Widget Questions are not pulled into Reserve with Google

If you only take a few payments eg. deposits for 8 or more, it’s still worth considering Reserve with Google. It’s a fantastic source of bookings, and you can send manual payment requests for any large tables once they’ve booked. We can add a clear mention of deposits in the Booking Confirmation email so that guests are aware of the deposit requirement. Alternatively, we can simply limit your Google bookings to a maximum of 7 guests so that payments aren't an issue.

If you have payment templates on your account, we would need to add you to Reserve With Google manually, so please be in touch.


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