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Find reservations quickly and easily using the search functionality

Once a reservation is added onto Dineplan, it is impossible for this reservation to be removed from the system. However there are cases where you might not be able to find the reservation that you are looking for. It might have been added or changed to the wrong date or time, deleted by a member of staff or added under a different guest name.

We all know that if a guest walks in claiming to have a reservation and you cannot find it that a quick solution needs to be made. Here is where the search function comes in! Read below to be able to solve this quickly every time.

Finding the search function

The search function can be found by clicking on the "Advanced" search button at the top of the Reservations View page. This opens a new page that allows for more information to be used to search for your guest.


Using the advanced search

Click the "Advanced" button at the top right of the Reservations View page to open the search criteria. This opens a new page where you can enter one or multiple advanced search criteria to find the guest. If more than one criteria is entered, the search will be refined to look for a reservation that includes all of the criteria entered. This brings up a list of all reservations with those details.

Make sure that you are searching for the details used to make the reservation. Example: if guest "Charlie" arrives and says he has a reservation, but his friend "Thomas" made the booking in his name, then searching for "Charlie" will not find the reservation.

Always ask the guest for the details that the reservation was made under.


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