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Start Receiving Online Bookings

Quick info to get you taking online bookings. Adding the online booking widget in 2 easy steps!

With the world wanting instant gratification and everything available in the palm of their hands at any time, why should your restaurant's reservations not be the same and fit into your customers lifestyle!


Online bookings through Dineplan is a must have feature for the new and old generations alike and a great way to increase feet through your door.


Below we outline how quickly and easily you can have your online instant booking presence and start receiving bookings right away. For a more in depth look at the online booking widget, click HERE to go to our full section on Online Bookings.


Get online in 2 simple steps (Yes, it is that easy!)

  1. Check your online availability: Your availability settings on your Dineplan account mean that you keep full control over how and when guests can book online. If you are unsure, click HERE for more information, or email support@dineplan.com for our team to quickly assist you.

  2. Simply add the code: There are only 2 lines of code to add to your website or a link that can be added to your Facebook page and Google Business Listing. This is quick and easy to do and your web/tech team can help you with this. The code is sent to you via email at the same time as your log in details and is also available when logged into your Dineplan account by clicking HERE (If you can't find your booking widget code or are struggling and have any questions, please email support@dineplan.com and our dev team can assist you.)


Not only is your online booking widget made available where you place it on your website, Facebook and Google Listing, but we also include your listing on our Dineplan App and Website, free of charge! For more information on our App and website click HERE.

Note: Your online availability is activated once our Account Management Team has gone through online training with you and your team and you have added any future reservations that you need to on your account. If you see that your online booking widget is disabled and you are ready to start taking online bookings, simply contact our Support Team and we can activate this for you.


Pro Tip: Let your customers know that they can book instantly online by telling them that you are bookable through the Dineplan app and including your online booking widget url into all of your marketing posts, Facebook, Instagram, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. The more you promote your online bookings and inform your potential customers, the more you will reap the rewards!




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