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  2. Getting Started with your Dineplan Account

Setting up your Dineplan account

Dineplan is very customisable and can be set to best accommodate your operational needs

1. General Settings - here you enter your contact details

Go to Settings > General Settings

2. Availability - set up your seating areas and bookable times and days

Go to Setting your Availability

3. Notifications - set up which email addresses should receive booking notifications

Go to Settings > Notification Settings

4. User Accounts - depending on your package, you can have multiple user accounts each with their own user permissions

Go to Creating & Editing User Accounts

5. Exceptions - learn how to close days/times/seating areas outside of your usual availability

Go to Closing off specific dates/times

6. Payments - if you have a Stripe account, you can connect it to take online payments

Go to Setting up Stripe and Payments Training Video.